Starsky & Hutch | trailer

Theme music by Serena Giannini on style of James Taylor Quartet.


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Directed by Todd Phillips
Produced by William Blinn – Stuart Cornfeld
Akiva Goldsman – Tony Ludwig – Alan Riche

Screenplay by John O’Brien – Todd Phillips – Scot Armstrong
Story by Stevie Long – John O’Brien
Based on Characters by William Blinn

Starring: Ben Stiller – Owen Wilson – Vince Vaughn
Juliette Lewis – Fred Williamson – Jason Bateman
Chris Penn – Carmen Electra – Amy Smart
Brande Roderick – Snoop Dogg

Music by Theodore Shapiro
Cinematography: Barry Peterson
Edited by Leslie Jones

Production company: Dimension Films
AR-TL – Weed Road – Red Hour Productions
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures

Storyline Set in the 1970s in a metropolis called “Bay City,” this is the tale of two
police detective partners, Ken “Hutch” Hutchinson, and Dave Starsky, who always
seem to get the toughest cases from their boss, Captain Dobey, rely on omniscient
street informer Huggy Bear and race to the scene of the crimes in their souped-up
1974 Ford Torino hot rod, telling the story of their first big case (as a prequel to the TV show),
which involved a former college campus drug dealer who went on to become a white collar criminal.

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